IRCS Maharashtra with the following objective implemented WASH activities under the Youth Programme in the four selected communities of Pune and Satara District from 2015-2018.

  • Enhancing the capacity of the Junior /Youth Red Cross in the area of Hygiene Promotion, Household Water treatment, basic First Aid
  • Increasing the awareness of and behavioral changes in the selected communities on Hygiene Promotion, Household Water Treatment and basic First Aid

Activities Conducted

  • Junior /Youth Red Cross counselor (Teachers) and students WASH Training
  • Organize Gramsabha and Group Discussion in project communities
  • Preparation and  distribution of Behavior change communication material
  • Behavior change communication sessions in communities on WASH, FA, Health
  • Providing WASH materials (e.g. water filter, soap,) as per need
  • Celebration of Special days(- World Water Day, World Health Day, World Malaria Day, International Youth Day, International FA Day, World Toilet Day) in school and branch levels with focus on increasing community awareness on RC and Health issues
  • Exposure visits of selected community members to other villages to observe community development approaches
  • Visibility activities (wall paintings, posters)
  • Sports competitions as part of RC humanitarian principles & health promotion
  • Regular meeting of concerned branches and J/YRC Committees to review project activities
  • Provision of  First Aid Kits and First Aid Posts in the communities
  • Monitoring visits.
  • Volunteer database management as part of capacity building of Junior /Youth Red Cross units at IRCS.
  • Clean School and Healthy School Campaign 
  • Hand washing sessions for school children

Project Impact

  • Have a pool of trained teachers and students in WASH who are reaching to the community on regular basis.
  • At Gramsabha and during Group Discussion decisions of keeping village clean are taken.
  • Villagers are trained in WASH and First Aid and now can respond to any emergency.
  • Villagers knowledge improved on causes of vector born diseases and how to take precautions
  • 80% of houses do House Hold Water Treatment, Safe Storage and handling of water for clean drinking water at household level.
  • Personal hygiene and Environment Hygiene maintained by 80% of villagers which keeps disease away.
  • Regular use and refilling of First Aid kits are done by villagers.
  • 60% improvement in Cleanliness in schools and regular hygiene of school children are checked helping them to stay healthy.
  • Children practice regular hand washing

Need Based Activities and Assistance provided

Sr. no Activity / Assistance provided Place units Participants/Beneficiaries
1 WSAH Training of Counselors(Teachers) Satara 1 25
2 WSAH Training of Students Pune & Satara 1 40
3 Community level First Aid Training Pune & Satara 2 70
4 Behavior Change Communication Sessions on WASH in Communities Pune & Satara 32 2356
5 Street plays Pune & Satara 20 1200
6 Toilet Brush and Dustbins to the villages Pune 270 270
7 Septic tank installation in the village Pune 45 45
8 Hygiene Kits for Schools children Pune & Satara 400 400
8 Drinking water tanks installation by other donor. Satara 4 600
9 Big Dustbins installation in schools Pune & Satara 16 8 Schools
10 Sanitation Kits for Schools Pune & Satara 8 8 Schools
11 First Aid Box installation in Schools Pune & Satara 8 8 Schools