Large number of Tribal populationof Gondia and Bhandara use to migrate to the nearby cities like Nagpur, Hyderabad and Raipur in search of jobs as labourers as very less income generation opportunities was available locally. Most them have very small land holdings and crops grown are used for self-consumption.

They are mainly dependent on forest products and labour work for their livelihood. Farming in the area is mainly dependent on rain due to which only one crop (Rice) in a year can be taken.As the forest is reserved access to forest products has reduced and people are migrating to big cities in search of jobs as labourers.

Indian Red Cross Society Maharashtra State branch jointly with the IRCS NHQ and ICRC implemented Agriculture based Livelihood project for the upliftment of the tribles.Synopsis as under.


Activities Conducted

  • Training in awareness and benefits of Organic/ Zero budgetfarming including making of Organic fertiliser and pesticides.
  • Encouraged the cultivation of second crop and provided 15kg Grams seeds per house hold.
  • Also provided Toor seeds, Green peas etc for cultivation between 500 to 1000 kg.
  • Paddy seeds distribution along with SystemicRice Intensification training (SRI) given to the farmers.
  • Male and Female Goats distribution to the landless, differently able and single women headed households.
  • Livestock insurance and awareness of claim submission including follow up.
  • Veterinary camps, medicines and vaccination of the livestock
  • Linkage with ongoing Government schemes applicable to village house hold and community.

Project Impact

  • Farmers are trained in organic farming and supported by monitoring visits to ensure regular practice.
  • Self dependent for seeds resources.
  • Farmers now have the option to take second crops (Grams) every year.
  • Expenditure reduced to the minimum due the usage of organic fertiliser and pesticides which has helped maintaining land fertility and yield.
  • Increase in protein consumption and decrease in health problems.
  • Nearly 60% increase inincome by selling grams and Toor harvest.
  • Increase in rice production and consumption due to the usage of SRI technique.
  • Reduction in the migration to the neighbouring states.
  • Access to the government schemes.
  • Increase in livestock population and milk consumption of the households.

Need Based Activities and Assistance provided

Assistance Provided Gondia Bhandara Total
Number of beneficiaries assisted with crops 858 367 1226
Number of beneficiaries assisted with Livestock 83 28 111


For more details contact IRCS Maharashtra State Branch
To implement similar projects within Maharashtra, Corporates can contact IRCS Maharashtra State Branch